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Until Blastoff!

Everything You Need To Know

About WordSesh

WordSesh is 1 full day of live WordPress presentations from all over the world streamed live to you wherever you may be. Oh, and it's FREE!


WordSesh will take place on Saturday, December 20, 2014, 00:00 - 24:00 UTC.


24 sessions. 1 session every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours.


Right here! So grab your coffee, sit back and relax! All you need to do is be by a computer.


Because we love WordPress just as much as you do! So grab a pen and some paper and get ready to learn a ton of WordPress knowledge.

Missed Out Last Year?

What is this UTC+0 you speak of?!


Since people will be tuning in to WordSesh from all over the globe we needed a way to standardize the time.

When Does WordSesh Start for You?

A Kick-Ass


0:00 UTC The DradCast
The DradCast
with Brad Williams & Dre Armeda
1:00 UTC Upgrade Routines in Plugins with Pippin Williamson & Brad Touesnard
2:00 UTC TBD
3:00 UTC Theme Round Table with Bronson Quick, Sara Cannon, Christopher Cochran & Philip Arthur Moore
4:00 UTC Plugin Round Table with Patrick Rauland, Matt Medeiros, Pippin Williamson & Nikhil Vimal
5:00 UTC Lazy-loading Widgets with the WP JSON API with Japh Thomson
6:00 UTC Behind the Pods: How and Why We Do What We Do with Scott Clark
7:00 UTC Need for WordPress Speed with Hristo Pandjarov
8:00 UTC Extending WordPress as a Pro with Marko Heijnen
9:00 UTC WordPress Code Architecture with Mario Peshev
10:00 UTC “Behind the Woo: Crafting the Ultimate Business Building Toolkit” with Matt Cohen
11:00 UTC Q&A with WooThemes Co-founder Magnus Jepson with Magnus Jepson
12:00 UTC Pitfalls of Selling Software with Frederick Townes
13:00 UTC Community Round Table with Jenny Wong, Brian Richards, Petya Raykovska, Dee Teal, Bryce Adams & Shinichi Nishikawa
14:00 UTC TBD
15:00 UTC Three The Easy Way with Jason Cosper
16:00 UTC Designing for Development, The Value of Collaborative Design with Michelle Schulp
17:00 UTC The Power of Alignment with Chris Lema
18:00 UTC Q&A with WordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin with Andrew Nacin
19:00 UTC Conducting a Thorough Theme Review with Lisa Sabin-Wilson
20:00 UTC My Journey From $0 to $30k/mo and Back Again with Scott Bolinger
21:00 UTC Unit Testing in WordPress with Barry Kooij
22:00 UTC Business Round Table with Jake Goldman, Tom Willmot, Shane Pearlman, Miriam Schwab & Remkus de Vries
23:00 UTC WordPress News Round Table with Dre Armeda, Brad Williams, Jeff Chandler, Brian Krogsgard & Doc Pop
24:00 UTC Closing Remarks

We told you it was kick-ass!

We know it's awesome :)

Everyone Loves WordSesh

  • “Seeing all those awesome presenters without having to travel was brilliant. Doing it in my PJ’s: Bonus!”

    Chris Lema http://chrislema.com/
  • “It was amazing how WordSesh felt like a real WordCamp! Just that it was online. Great presenters and organizers!”

    Nikhil V. http://techvoltz.com/
  • “It was fun to see how loopy Scott Basgaard got w/out sleeping for more than a day for @WordSesh. The talks rocked, too.”

    Jesse Petersen http://www.petersenmediagroup.com/
  • “There isn’t any other event that could assemble this much WP knowledge in one place.”

    Michael Silva http://michaelsilva.me/
WordSesh is Awesome People

From All Over the World

Peter Lowen

    Stefan Gilgen

      Jim Nech

        Gijs Jorissen

          Ryan Plas

            Sergio Chavez

              Karissa Skirmont

                Jae Gravley

                  Scott Rarden

                    Yardena Epstein

                      Stuart Brameld

                        Mike Pead

                          Jorge Díaz

                            Jamie Birthler

                              Rick Caldwell

                                Michael Pereira

                                  Paul Bunkham

                                    Gabe Herbert

                                      Dmytro Kondriuk

                                        Neil Murray

                                          Rew Rixom

                                            Jessy Marco

                                              Henry Nguyen

                                                Milan Ivanovic

                                                  Market Street

                                                    Ivy Nguyen

                                                      Matthew Pritchett

                                                        Doug May

                                                          Rashmi Amlani

                                                            Brt Gomez

                                                              Kenn Fong

                                                                Lisa Snyder

                                                                  Julien Liabeuf

                                                                    Claudio Sanches

                                                                      Ryan Jarrett

                                                                        Dario BF

                                                                          Robert Dall

                                                                            Lynn Deshler

                                                                              Julien Tremblay

                                                                                Lise Rubarth

                                                                                  Tony Bui

                                                                                    Pongvipark Tienarerak

                                                                                      Daniel Tarlow

                                                                                        Joel N

                                                                                          Patricia Shetler

                                                                                            Mike Gillihan

                                                                                              Eric Lewerenz

                                                                                                Josh Eby

                                                                                                  Joakim Strandell

                                                                                                    Jennifer Cloake

                                                                                                      That's just a few. There are over 697 of them!

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